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When your Chakras are balanced through Reiki you will feel relaxed, centered, grounded, energized, and more aware.

Usui-Tibetan Reiki Classes Available at request. One on One and Group classes available. 

Steaming is Relaxing, Reduces Cramping, Helps to alleviate “V” Dryness, Reduces Symptoms of Infections, Helps Regulate your ” Moon Cycle”.  Each steam is personalized according to your needs. Please fill out this intake form as thorough, and truthful as possible. Steaming Intake Form

Now Available, Steams for home use.

As a Ceremony Officiant I recognize that just like the couple, every ceremony is unique in its own way. Whether you want a traditional ceremony, renewing of vows, or a ribbon tying service, I am humbled and honored to be a small part of your big day.

Starting Price - $100

Moon Essence. Reiki infused Chakra Oils and Sprays. Crystals. Yoni Steam Herbs. Steams are inspired by the phases of the physical Moon, and a woman’s Moon Cycle. Check out my SHOP page. 

Reconnect All Podcast can be heard wherever you listen to podcast at.–What-is-it-e1499bi



Katrina D. Owen

Katrina D. Owen is a proud mother, lover, and friend. Many of her experiences in life have prompted her to reevaluate life, and put self love first. Katrina dedicates her time helping women ground themselves and rediscover their magic within. Energy healing and womb care is her passion, and she encompasses those passions as a Reiki Master and a Womb Care Advocate. Reiki is a form of energy healing which helps prepare the body to heal itself naturally.  Vaginal steaming helps women center and reflect on themselves and puts the focus back on their source of creation, their Yoni. Katrina now passes on what she knows as the owner of Reconnect: Mind, Body, & Spirit. She offers classes, sessions and live talks. Katrina is also the maker of her own wellness line called Moon Essence. Moon Essence includes reiki infused oils, scrubs, salts, and tonics. In 2019 Katrina released her first affirmations journal, Reconnect, Affirmations & Reflections Journal. Available in stores locally and

Katrina, to say the least, is absolutely amazing & such a happy soul. I recently started my energy healing journey with her to learn Usui Reiki Level 1. She is a wonderful teacher with how she weaves in personal stories, lessons about energy healing, and real life situations. Cannot wait to come back to her to learn more!
Katrina’s reiki session is absolutely perfect for those looking to reconnect with their power within! The amount of love she has within radiates throughout her session. I truly felt renewed and reconnected! Thank you!!!
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